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The team at Venetian Cast Stone is ready to help you through all stages of your project.

Project Management

We are dedicated to providing our customers with accurate and reliable schedules for each and every project that we are a part of. Our project management team is dedicated to being sure that each and every one of our projects arrive to the job site on time. We also work very closely with our customers to ensure that products are being produced in the proper sequence to minimize wasted time and labor on the jobsite.


Our full service estimating department will take your plans and provide a highly detailed estimate based on the construction drawings. Our estimates designate the exact quantities, weights and prices per unit as well as the total for the entire project. We present our quotes in this way so that the customer can be completely confident in what is being ordered and that the quantities quoted will complete the project as intended.

Drafting & Design

Our experienced drafting department works closely with contractors, architects and customers to ensure that the material being produced matches the design intent for each project. A full set of cast stone shop drawings will be provided for review prior to the production of cast stone for each project. Full setting plans are provided when a project as shipped out which includes individually labeled pieces, typical profile details, any applicable connection details and an overall piece schedule. We can also provide assistance in custom designs, value engineering, etc.

Custom Mold Shop

Our custom mold shop is the back bone of our operation and one of the many things that separate us from the competition. The combination of carpentry experience, CNC router and 3D CNC rendering software allow us to create highly ornate and unique pieces of cast stone for virtually any project. We highly recommend final color selections to be made with an actual sample to ensure color accuracy in matching other job materials. Contact us for our standard color sample kit.

Color Matching

We offer six standard colors as part of our standard product offering. We also have the ability to custom color match upon request to match existing stone products or even just to find the perfect match to accent or compliment other masonry materials being used on your specific project.


We work with a number of local and national freight distribution companies so that we can take the stress out of the shipping process for our customers. We will work hard to get you the best possible rates without compromising the condition of the finished product once it arrives at the jobsite. We can provide detailed tracking information to you once the order has been picked up for delivery to the jobsite, giving the customer immediate access to tracking information.

Custom Sandblasting

In addition to our address plaques, we also offer our custom sandblasting services for custom cast stone sign panels that we produce. We can also sandblast your custom project for you if you supply the brick, natural stone panel or boulder to us. Contact us today to see how we can help with your next custom sandblasting project.

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