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Venetian Cast Stone offers a wide variety of custom cast stone products for both contractors and home owners.

Address Plaques

Our quality address plaques make the perfect addition to your new home or your exterior remodel. Our plaques are made from high quality cast stone and the address is sandblasted on a per order basis. We use only the highest quality lithochrome paints to ensure that your address is visible for years to come. Our plaques are made either for traditional depth brick/masonry and they are also available in a thinner version for thin stone applications.


Our simple, yet elegant balustrade system offers an effective way to accent your home at a fraction of the cost of carved limestone balustrade. Our standard balustrade system consists of the base rail, 1 ½ balusters per lineal foot and an attractive top rail to cap the balusters. Newel Posts/Piers are also available.


Our cast stone bands offer an attractive way to accent your masonry walls and can also be used to transition from one masonry material to another. Our bands are typically designed to project past the face of the masonry veneer and come standard with an integrated drip edge for keeping water away from the masonry joints below.


This product is typically used at the top of a masonry wall, along the roof line. This projecting feature of the building can serve as an ornamental, highly visible feature of the building. It also helps to shed water away from the masonry wall below.

Column Caps

Our column caps are available in a number of different styles. We offer the traditional peaked cap, flat caps, rockface caps and more. Our caps are traditionally used to cap masonry columns and are also popular as a finishing touch for a masonry mailbox.


Our coping units come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This product is typically used to cap the top of a masonry wall and help protect the masonry wall from water intrusion. It can be used to cap the top of a masonry wall on a building, trash enclosure, screen wall or site/retaining walls.

Fireplace Surrounds

Our custom fireplace surrounds make a beautiful addition to the interior space of your home. Our surrounds are produced with high quality cast stone that rivals limestone in appearance and strength at a fraction of the cost. Please contact us today with your design ideas and let us create a custom fireplace surround that will exceed your expectations.

Fire Pit Caps

Our fire pit caps are an effective way to accent and cap a masonry/concrete fire pit. Our fire pit caps can be made to fit with square, rectangular or round fire pits and are available with either a rounded edge, bullnose edge or rockface edge. Custom caps are available upon request.


This wedge shaped cast stone unit is typically used above windows, arches and doors. Our standard keystones are available in 3 sizes and come with a 1” beveled edge. They are a simple yet effective way to accent your masonry project.


Our pavers are available in either a smooth or flagstone finish. Our pavers are manufactured to the same, stringent standards as the rest of our cast stone products and meet or exceed all applicable ASTM standards for cast stone.


Our quoins are intended to be used at the corner(s) of a masonry structure and do an excellent job of making the corners a feature of the building. They also give the appearance of permanence and strength.


Our window sills can be used under windows in a masonry structure but can also be used as an effective transition from masonry to siding, EIFS or Stucco. Our sills range from a simple sloped unit to a more ornate unit with bullnoses and other curved features within the profile.


Our surrounds can be used as a very effective way to accent windows, doors, arches, etc. Our surrounds are typically installed along the jambs and over the top of the window or door opening. All of our standard profiles can also be made to perfectly match the arch over arh top windows and arched entryways.

Thin Profiles & Accents

We designed these products with the thin stone market in mind. These products are produced at a thinner depth and with either a rockface or flagstone texture to blend well with the rough texture typically associated with thin stone veneer.


While we feel like our standard products offer a wide variety of choices in the design of your masonry project, we also understand that sometimes our customers are looking for something a little different or unique. We are a full custom shop with the skill and equipment to customize our products to meet even the most demanding applications. We are able to create highly ornate products and profiles with our combination of skilled craftsmen, 3d modeling software and CNC router. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your custom cast stone needs.


We currently offer six color choices for all of our standard products. These colors range from white to grey to tan/buff. Additional colors may be available upon request and we have the ability to custom color match upon request. Contact us today for your standard color sample kit.

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